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Dobri Dobrev has a place in the panorama of Bulgarian art of the 20th century. In his paintings, portraits and landscapes, he has created dozens of works of high quality and personal character.

In the movement for native art, which is the main defining feature of our culture in the two interwar decades, Dobri Dobrev offers his version, in which the interest in the local color and character are organically combined with a soft poetic nature and experience in the human world. Known and loved from childhood, the images of Sliven and the Sliven region do not cease to excite him and live in his mature paintings from the 30's. What was seen in Czechoslovakia - the Czech miners and foundries, the radiant Slovak cycle - naturally accompanies his Bulgarian works and complements his image at this peak during the Dobrev Dobrev period.

Highly regarded at the time as a portrait painter, he is now shown for the first time with representative designs and can be seen across the spectrum of the artist's artistic potential and genre variants.

A large series of drawings, executed in various styles of style, but with constant keen observation and ability to capture the soul of the model and the motif, convince us that we are a true master of drawing.

The landscapes, which in the later years occupy an increasing part of his work, express his passionate love for Bulgarian nature.

Seen from a distance, Dobri Dobrev's art is respected with integrity, consistency in the pursuit of his path and high quality of quality. It allows us to put it in the order of the greatest Bulgarian artists of his time.